Wellhead Fence

Peerless created a pin together Weld Head & Expandable Fencing system.

This pin together system requires no bolts, nuts, or removable parts that may rust or damage over time. This design can be quickly assembled and disassembled without the need for any tools other than a hammer to mount its anchor.

With this Pin Type Design, the fence easily adapts to verity of changing terrains and holds together well on graded inclines. 

The innovative design used allows this fencing system to be used in a variety of industries.

The gate system utilizes a unique pin type design making it easy to open and close. This gate requires no latch, and opens and closes securely which out aging. 

The PT1000-G can be built to demensions desired and can be utilized in a variety of industries like farming, ranching, and much more. 

With Line Posts (optional) allowing you to customize your fence to your niche business.  

As part of our design research, we dedicated much of our time to developing a system suitable for your needs. The Peerless Product's WeldHead Fences was designed to provide adequate dimensions for this demanding industry. Industrial Standard. 

Electrostatic paint system ensures 100% coverage for a quality and lasting appeal. We offer an array of colours to suite your needs. 

Each piece is hand crafted using our stringnet specifications for quality products each time.

Peerless Products designs and constructs durable wellhead fencing for the oil and gas industry. Our unique metal tubing design constructed to handle the most demanding environmental conditions. We deliver a superior product to manage your requirements, and can produce our wellhead fences in large qualities to suit your needs. Understanding the needs of the industry has given us the prospective to develop a distinctive look yet considering the budget minded buyer. Revolutionary line post design lets you expand to suite your needs. 

Truckload of Fences

Wellhead fences delivered by Lambert Trucking from Medicine Hat to Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

High Quality Electrostatic Paint System

This video is a demonstration on how Peerless's Electrostatic Paint System operates.